When the snow melts in Geilo we move all our dogs up in Hardangervidda mountain plateau. 

This is usually from mid March/start of April depending on the weather. Easter we are guaranteed to have this product available. 

20 km is the distance for spring-dogsledding. Dogsledding takes about 1 hour and 15 min and you are offered a hot drink after. So you will need 2,5 to 3 hours all together for the experience. 

This is a unique way to explore the beauty of Hardangervidda mountain plateau and you will also be driving into the national park. 

If you need transportation from Geilo we charge 210 nok extra for the 1,5 hour trip (45 min each way). If you have your own car you need to plan to drive from Geilo 1 hour before your trip starts.

Dogsledding in Hardangervidda will only happen as long as the weather is good enough for the roads to be open and the dogsledding to be safe.


Price is NOK 1 390 for children, NOK 1 690 for adults and NOK 5 690 for a family of four.




Want more time with the dogs and see a real husky kennel?


Join us for a whole day trip from Petters Husky-farm in Skurdalen - 30 min drive from Geilo. Here you will get to know his husky-life from the inside and have a beautiful trip in his "back yard". 

Petter have been doing dogsledding in 40 years, and have a lot to teach you about huskies and dogsledding.

The whole day trips with Petter are available from December to March/April and are more safe for bad weather conditions than the whole day trip in Hardangervidda. 

Prices from 2 490 NOK pr. pers

Petter Arnesen.jpg



Want more time with the dogs?


Join us for a whole day trip with lunch outside, in the Hardangervidda National park. On this trip you are responsible for your own team of dogs. Preparing the team, and of course drive them the whole day. We make our own lunch on the fireplace - the Norwegian way.

We have diffrent trips with diffrent dogdrivers - the dates will be ready in October. Please send us an request at if you want to wish for a special date.


Prices from 2 500 NOK pr. pers