• Petter Arnesen

    Moved to Skurdalen (next to Geilo) from south of Norway when he found a nice mountain-girl and his purpose with life – dogsledding. His family now include 18 huskies. He have been dogsledding in more 15 years and have been participating in most races, but you usually see him as a handler and he loves to work with the young dogs and help other dogdrivers achieving their goals. He is famous for his good lines and well trained dogs. He know the mountains around Geilo better than anyone – That is where he thrives best!

  • Alf Einar Hernes

    Lives in Eidfjord (yes, by the fjords), and need to go to Hardangervidda for training. And somethimes he even go all the way to Geilo and take you dogsledding.

    Alf Einar have been dogsledding 22 years and have 22 dogs. He have been number 4. in Finnmarksløpet 1000 km – he won’t brag, so you need to ask him about his many races and how he managed to be amoung the best dogdrivers in Norway for so many years.. His children also take big part of his hobby.

  • Geir Askim

    If you meet Geir it will most likely be together with Petter. They work together to make the best team of dogs, and Geir drive  them in races and have Finnmarksløpet 500 km as his big goal for the season.


    In 2016 he finished in 1 day, 4 hours and 46 minutes. Geir lives in Kongsberg but are in Tunhovd (next to Geilo) in his cabin almost every weekend and holiday.

  • Ralph Johannessen

    is one of Norway's most famous dogdrivers. He have won all the big races and even started in Iditarod – the last great race – a 1600 km long dogsledding race in Alaska where he finished number 8 in 2016.

    Dogsledding is his passion and lifestyle. He lives in a small cabin without electricity or water in the middle of nowhere with his dogs. No wonder he is a bit shy..  


    He have got more than 40 beautiful dogs you will meet when you are dogsledding with Geilo Husky.

  • Ivar Johan Sørlie

    Have been dogdriver for around 20 of his 38 years. He lives next to Geilo with 22 dogs. He has participated in all the big races in Norway and finished both Femund 800 km and Finnmark 1000 km race. His dogs are extremely well behaved and you will be amazed about the control he got over all 22 dogs!


    Ask him about how to make a sled – he is educated to make boats the old way, and use the knowledge to make unique wooden racing sleds..

  • Inger-Marie Haaland

    Inger-Marie Haaland was the first woman to win the 100m Finnmark race in 2009. In 2012, she repeated the feat.

    Inger-Marie lives about 2 hours from Geilo, but move up to Halne, Hardangervidda in March with all her dogs. From there she do all Geilo Husky trip and learn you everything you need to know about her beautiful dogs and about Hardangervidda where she used to live, and know better than most people!

  • Maren and Terje Erik

    These two calls themselfes Dream team sleddogs - and they are in fact a dream team. Working togheter with both "sprint" and longdistance dogs and live togheter about 45 min from Geilo with more than twenty dogs of diffrent kinds.


    Maren is the perfect host, talking constantly with the biggest smile you ever seen and have stories from all the big races and knows all there is to know about dogsledding!  

  • Jostein and Anette

    Jostein are the new “Hernes star” – He is following in his fathers footsteps and do guiding with his fathers dogs. Together with his sister Anette they also participate in all the races around Norway. Anette actually won the world championship for juniors in 2016!


    Jostein is the calmest and most caring guide we got. He lives in Eidfjord, and you will most likely meet him in Hardangervidda - all year around.

  • André Bjørnstad

    André was the one started Geilo Husky togheter with his sister Mari in 2009. He grew up with huskies and can't live without.

    At the moment he is working for another musher in Norway and if you are Norwegian you might have seen him in "Monsen og hundene" fall 2018. 

    He are helping with everything around Geilo Husky, but you will also meet him in camp some days.. 

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You can visit the Geilo365 office (booking) at the touristinformation in Geilo city centrum. 

Geilo Husky have diffrent dogdrivers around in the area. All our kennels are private and there is not possible to visit them - except if you book the whole day trip with Petter


From December to March we do dogsledding in Vestlia, Geilo Bakkestølevegen 56 and from March to May you can meet us at Halne Fjellstove in Hardangervidda. 

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